Dessert Tulum

The Best Dessert Menu Tulum At Bananas Restaurants

After trying our delicious dinner menu from the entree to the main dishes, we would love to delish you with some desserts made from the ladies in the kitchen. If you are into something that will cuddle you, check out our Molten Chocolate cake with Vanilla Ice Cream or our Banana Creme Brulee: you will love the Caribbean feeling the banana and the vanilla will give to your palate.

Our Famous Coconut Cake made with fresh local ingredients will know how to surprise you and we bet you will want to eat 2 portions of it! Wanna try our Affogato? Check out the vanilla ice cream with Espresso and Sambuca to refresh your mouth.

You will never be wrong with a nice slice of Warm Banana bread with vanilla Ice Cream! But if you want to explore something different check out our Manchego Cheese, Guava Jelly and Oatcakes or the Warra Reserve Port: we bet you will like them!

What’s better than ending your day with something sweet in one of the most beautiful places in Nevis island, away from the chaos and noises of the town?

Desserts and the Caribbean cuisine

Tulum typical desserts and the Caribbean cuisine

If you are interested in knowing more about Tulum typical cuisine and desserts like marquesitas, check out our guide about the best Tulum restaurants facing the Caribbean sea and continue your trip in this incredible part of the world. Check out also the list of our favorite Caribbean dishes in the same article! Tulum is a beach town destination in Mexico, as well as a destination for food and the best restaurants of Mexican food and tacos! Tulum has a wide range of Mexican restaurants, which never disappoint. In Tulum, Mexico, the restaurant scene is diversifying constantly and simply getting better and better: from vegan to raw food, from tacos to grilled seafood, from boca to paila dishes, you will find everything you could ever want. That’s why we want to give our Bananas guests the chance to know this beautiful Caribbean town. Whether you are coming from a Nevis island, or from far Europe, you will find the best places for grilled fish or something typical in Tulum, Mexico!